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Playing with Material

Nisha - Home Design Magazine, 2010

She is an autodidact who paints and sculpts using diverse materials, drawing themes for her artwork from her personal life and everyday experiences. She often creates sculptures without planning them in advance, and allows the material to affect the outcome.

Ze Harosh

Mouse, September 2010

Leaving the "succah" and visiting the new exhibition of Sara Knoll, "Context", at the Open Studio weekend in Ramat HaSharon. The artist displays acrylic paintings, bronze and polyester sculptures and more . Each work is reflected with human relation situations that have a story behind them. Curator Dana Steiger.


Q Design Magazin, April 2009

Sara Knoll's sculpture - "mother raising baby" appears in an ad for Niso Furniture Ltd.

Craving for Beauty

Parents & Children, November 2008

The unique and original statement of Sara Knoll, an artist who lives and works in Ramat HaSharon, is evident in her work that is currently on display at the new exhibition held in a little different environment - a showroom for luxury kitchens.

The Motive & The Media

Design Magazine, Ha'eer - Zomet Hasharon, 2008

Sara Knoll loves all materials. She experiments with everything, searches for renewal, takes a subject and duplicates it across all media. And so, the same theme can find itself in paintings, laser-cut iron sculptures and canvas prints.

"Cravings" - Solo Exhibition of Artist Sara Knoll

Nisha - Home Design Magazin, November 2008

Knoll's "Craving" exhibition represent the human desire for food, the woman's desire for a baby and the passion of everyone for beautiful and designed objects. The artist's sculptures and paintings express simplicity and humor and are greatly affected by the trees and landscape surrounding her studio.

Opening Regularly

Laisha Magazin, 2008

Very large sculptures of peppers, made of polyester designed by Sara Knoll.

Can be purchesed at Poggenpohl Luxusury kitchens, 11 Galgaley Haplada St.,

Herzelia Pituah.

"Because Man is a Tree of the Field"

Miri Krimolovsky - Art Critic and Curature, 2007

When observing the bronze sculpture of a woman which Sara Knoll created, it appears that, through it, you can grasp the entire essence of her work. An elongated, thin-spine figure, with a stomach and chest that look very containing and fertile...

Because the Man

Art, 2007

Sara Knoll's aesthetic bronze sculptures deal with the connection between human and earth. Sara Knoll - "Because Man is a Tree of the Field", "Toot" gallery, Ussishkin 54 Ramat Hasharon.

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