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Sara Knoll’s painting can be defined as experiential painting, which undergoes a very powerful process amidst a discourse between aesthetic beauty, shape and color. The style of her paintings is abstract and lyrical, and they are full of vitality and convey the artist’s optimistic inner self. She primarily paints with acrylics and oils, but also makes use of mixed techniques. 

Her sculptures are styled and include figurative elements, expressing on one hand lightheartedness and humor, while profoundly examining human nature on the other. Sarah works in bronze, stone, plaster, wire and polyester. 

Her works are displayed in individual shows, and she regularly takes part in group exhibitions as well. Sarah’s works have been sold to private collections both in Israel and throughout the world. 

Represented in Israel by:
Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
Tribes Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (2010-2013)
Art & Music Gallery, Jerusalem
The Scots Hotel Gallery, Tiberias


שרה קנול בסטודיו


2013 - Winner of the Bank of Melbourne's People Choice Award of Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition, Australia


2009-2010  Zvi Lachman, Basis Sculpture School – Sculpting & Drawing

2003-2005  Vadim Koptievsky Studio – Oil Painting

1999-2009  Miriam Houri Gutholc Studio – Sculpting

1994-1997  John Byle – Acrylic Painting

1993-1994  Avshalom Institute, Tel-Aviv - Art History

1992-1995  Mathania Abramsson Studio – Stone Sculpting

1991-1992  Open University, Tel-Aviv - Art History

1991-1992  Avinoam Kosovski Studio – Drawing techniques

1988-1990  Helen Atar Studio – Oil Painting

1986-1988  Bella Kol Studio –Sculpting

1984-1985  Rachel Kimhi Studio – Sculpting

1967-1974  Studio Lili, Kiryat Ono - Sculpting

1960-1966  Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv - Art Teaching Studies