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"Craving" - Solo Exhibition for the Artist Sara Knoll

NISHA - Home Design Magazine, 2008

Knoll's "Craving" exhibition represent the human desire for food, the woman's desire for a baby and the passion of everyone for beautiful and designed objects. The artist's sculptures and paintings express simplicity and humor and are greatly affected by nature and the landscape with trees surrounding her studio.

A unique collaboration developed between the artist Sara Knoll and a leading luxury kitchens company, POGGENPOHL.

Knoll is currently exhibiting in the company's showroom in Herzliya Pituah with a variety of stylized sculptures with figurative elements and lyrical-abstract paintings.

Knoll's works create interesting contexts between two-dimensions to three-dimensions and a dialogue between existance and non-existance and between empty and full. She manages to create a flow between a well determined line and a soft, round shape.

The exhibition will be open until 1.1.09 at POGGENPOHL showroom, 11 Galgalei HaPlada Street, Herzliya Pituah. Tel 09-9515252.



sara knoll - craving - solo exhibition