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Design Magazine, Ha'eer - Zomet Hasharon, 2008


Sara Knoll loves all materials. She experiments with everything, searches for renewal, takes a subject and duplicates it across all media. And so, the same theme can find itself in paintings, laser-cut iron sculptures and canvas prints. Her painting style can be defined as experiential, an abstract lyrical style, full of vitality and expressing her inner optimism.
Her sculptures are stylish, include figurative components, and express a light-heartedness and humor with a capacity for introspectiveness regarding human nature. Knoll works with bronze, stone, plaster, mesh and polyester; she displays in solo exhibits and is a constant participant in group exhibits.
Knoll's last exhibit, "Human Trees", is currently on display at the Toot gallery in Ramat Hasharon. There, one can see her works in a variety of materials.
"I take a theme and convey it across all media, in iron, plaster bandages, bronze and painting. The theme for this exhibit is the connection between trees and man."

Why this subject specifically?

"Where I live, I am surrounded by trees. All my life, I have had a connection to nature and to the landscape, and for me trees are something that provides insight into people. When a tree is happy, its branches rise upwards. When it is sad, they droop. I see a similarity and a very strong connection between trees and people. I found that these themes could be found not only in works on display in the current exhibit, but also in my earlier works, without being aware of it."

What do your trees look like?

"I have noticed that my trees have no roots. They float, like a person who is more universal and spiritual, someone who aspires upwards."
Knoll has been an artist her entire life. "I studied in a lot of places, but eventually I chose to learn privately, with private teachers and not in classes. Even today, I participate in an artist group working with an instructor. I am always eager to learn. Only two years ago I went back and took a course for realistic figurative painting."

What are you working on now?

"Now I am resting on my laurels. The exhibit at Toot is open ended. For two years, I worked very intensely. I gave my all, both physically and emotionally, and I feel that now I need some rest before I can continue on to a new project. An exhibit is a peak, and this peak, regardless of its success, does not satisfy you. You have to take some time off in order to be able to arrive somewhere else."




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