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Because the Man

Art, 2007


Bronze sculptures and paintings of artist Sara Knoll deal with the connection between man and earth, as the name of the exhibition 'Because Man is the Tree of the Field", taken from the Book of Deuteronomy and a poem by Natan Zach. Knoll's sculptures depict elongated figures, like an erect tree with its roots in the ground and its treetop high to the sky.

Some sculptures focuses on the pregnant woman, which is a symbol of fertility and the continuity of generations. These sculptures are made of ceramics and at the end of the process casted in bronze, with the artist's rough fingerprints, not smoothed to the end.

Other sculptures depict animals in rather amorphous figures, made of metal laser cuts, and these allude paper cutouts, that the trimming detract them from the shadows, like a game between the positive and the negative, between "existence" and "non-existence".

Some of the sculptures were photographed, computer processed, and printed on canvas as female character silhouettes. A series of paintings hanging on the walls also describes abstract shapes of trees, created with many layers of color, engraving and more.

The items on display do not present us with any new artistic line. However, they are very aesthetic, fit well with the products in the store, and the effect of light and shadow created with the right lighting, creates a subtle theatrical atmosphere.

Indeed, one might wonder about the lodge - a furniture store - but this may also expand the exposure of the general public to art and also bring art to segment of the population that do not visit museums and galleries regularly.




sara knoll - art 2007